The Island/ Bird Watching


Many people enjoy walks around the Island of Carenero.

There are sandy beaches on the east side of the island with beautiful views of Bastimentos and Solarte. Stop in at Bibi’s or the Pickled Parrot for a drink and a great view.

Venture a bit farther north, the area is uninhabited and shells and coral washed ashore are easy to find. The northern most tip of Carenero has some of the world’s best surf!


Hummingbird feeders right here on Careening Cay brings the flying dancers right to your porch and the restaurant. Herons, egret, pelicans, eagle, hawks, parrots all can be seen on Carenero.

Birds Island is a must see stop for Bird watchers. A beautiful, small island rising 50 feet out of the water, inhabited only by wildlife including many species of birds.

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Marine Laboratory Bocas del Toro.

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